Change Management

There is one certainty in life and that is that there are no certainties. Change is a pre-requisite of life.

Change is a pre-requisite of life. That which does not change, dies.

Change is a pre-requisite of life. That which does not change, dies.


From the moment the breath of life is upon us change is upon us. The sooner we accept this as a fact, the sooner you will find peace imparted to you by the universe. 


Perhaps many of the challenges and frustrations many of us experience can be traced back to our unwillingness to yield to change when it is called for. We prefer to stay with what is comfortable and familiar regardless of what it does to us, than to face the cold, dark abyss of the unknown. 


Rather, understand that accepting change is to take control of the situation and drive the outcome to the destination you chose. The only other option is to eventually relent to the universe forcing this change upon you. 


So how do you know it's time for a change? Can you learn to ride the wave and find change natural? If you're feeling that it might be time for a change but you're scared or unsure the following may help to offer clarity. 


1. Is everything seemingly falling apart around you?

When everything is falling to pieces around you, stand firm it's usually a sign that things are about to change.  During the first hurricane I went through, Isabelle, I watched as the winds and rain ravaged the area around me.  And just when everything seemed like pure hell was breaking loose, it just stopped.  My friend told me that this was the "eye". We walked outside to eerie silence save for a whistle, and looked up to see bright blue sky surrounded by grey and chaos.  And while that respite was short lived, once the hurricane was past, when it was all over, everything was clean. The air was clear, sky was blue, and although she had left carnage in her wake, the purity of that carnage was clear. Nature had called for change and when we stood fast, the carnage came to a close. It wasn't all at once and it wasn't when I said it should end, but it ended when it was supposed to.


From where you stand now it may seem like hell is breaking loose. You may feel like you are losing it, or losing everything. Fuck, you may actually be losing everything. Understand that sometimes, if you stand fast and stand hard, divine order will clear away the chaff and you will stand in a new spot, exactly where the universe has called you to stand.  


2. Do you feel constantly off?

To be frank, life is feeling.  When you're in the right place, you'll feel it. If you're at peace, even in the midst of chaos, it's because that's where you belong right now. If you feel off, angsty, or depressed, it's probably time to take stock because that's not how it should be. Feeling like that is not normal. 


If the only way you feel good is when you medicate-alcohol, drugs, zoning out, then it's time to make a change. In these cases, it's time to get real with yourself.  Feeling normal or needing to escape is robbing yourself and the world from what's authentic and raw. It's not fair to you and it's not fair to the world.  So in this case, man up, face it and realize that you need to change something and it is up to you to figure out what that is and make that change.


3. Do you feel a constant nagging that something needs to change?

At the end of the day, your gut can tell you more than anyone else...when you pay attention.  If you feel it in your gut, that something is off and needs to change, then for god's sake, listen.  If you're not a fan of that gut intuition it could be that your running from the truth.  Maybe you tell yourself the timing's not right, you doubt yourself, you don't have time to deal with it now. If you don't make time today, time will make it for you in a way you don't like. Promise. 


4. Is there a body of evidence?

Stress and mental instability can absolutely cause negative physical manifestations. The stress of change needed but unheeded can cause everything from psychological issues-fear, anxiety, and tension. When these build up your immune system may drop causing you to get physically sick. You may experience other physical pains or insomnia. 

If you're smart you'll pay attention to your body and realize that it's simply calling for a change.  Make that change and you'll make a world of difference for yourself.


 If you feel like any of these apply to you, what can you do?

  • Take stock of when these symptoms occur, likely that's the area that needs to change

  • Be bold and take action fast

  • Just take one step toward the positive and authentic you

Look, the world deserves and needs the authentic you. There has never been, and never will be another you. You were born into this time and place for a reason, an amazing and particularly unique reason. I don't know what that is, hell, I have enough trouble figuring myself out, but I do know it's truth.


So, listen to yourself, your deeper self. When it's time for a change, embrace it, be authentic, be amazing, be you. 



I enjoy writing more than anything else. Along with being cathartic, I also hope that it is beneficial to you, the reader. 


I sincerely appreciate you, your support and the expansive feedback that I have received and taken to heart over the past several months. I hope that you'll continue on with me and I truly hope that you are and will find, your own authentic self. Because when you do, the doors of the universe are open to you.