Handling physical stressors

Today we're going to focus on building your core strength.  Working on your core is more about getting a great looking stomach, although that may be an outcome. With an engaged core that is in shape, you'll be less likely to be injured, more flexible, and better able to handle the physical stressors you'll encounter in the real world.

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The Humble Burpee workout

I'm not sure how you feel about Burpees but I'm pretty sure you're going to hate them after this week. Regardless, let's get some basics out of the way. Burpees meld three exercises into one. You start off face down on the ground, move to a push-up position, jump to your feet, and finish off with a jump. It's aggressive, it's explosive, it's perfect.

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No time for the gym

I'm all for hitting the gym and picking things up just to set them down. Hell, I love it. But what happens if you don't have a gym to go to?

In times like these, it's important that you keep your routine going. So why not hit it with a body weight workout? All of the exercises you'll be completing today are body weight only.  You won't require any additional equipment or even a gym membership. 

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How to start running

This is about setting an example, being confident, and approaching life with less stress. Pick the one or two of the items in this article that are important to you and write them down or share them in the comments.  We'd love to see what's driving you.  For me its setting a good example for my kids and stress reduction.

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You are what you eat

Today, I'd like to offer you a 7 day meal plan.  I want to get this into your hands today so that you can plan out next week's menu and head to the store to get your supplies.  Your challenge is to commit to following this meal plan-or one similar to it, all next week. I promise this won't be as bad as you think, from buying to cooking, I've kept it simple and tasty.

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Spring in

Fitness takes on a whole new meaning, when viewed in an authentic manner. Authentic fitness connects your mind to individual parts of your body through conscious movement patterns that energize you, repair and strengthen your body, and help you take control of your life. It recharges your ‘inner battery’ through conscious communication between your mind, body, and spirit, and promotes mastery of your inner self.

When you understand fitness in this context - total integration of mind, body, and spirit - it takes on a whole new meaning. Fitness becomes a way-of-life instead of something you have to do.

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