Abs of steel

If you want abs of steel, steel steel (insert echo here), but you hate crunches, you've come to the right place. Today we discuss how to earn a strong core without crunch after crunch after crunch.

Squat squat squat some more

Squat squat squat some more

As a side benefit, a strong core is key to a strong body.  And to have a completely solid core you have to focus on all of it.  Enter....the plank, oh and squats. Cause..it's always leg day.

Monday and Wednesday

Hold each as long as possible with a goal of 90 seconds

  1. Plank

  2. Plank Alternating Leg Swings-Hold one leg up an a time, swing the leg out and then in. Repeat with other leg.

  3. Plank Alternating Knee to Side-Hold one leg up, bent at the knee, swing the knee up to your elbow and back down. Repeat with other leg.

  4. Plank Alternate hand to hip slap-Bring one arm up, move the arm back until you can touch your hip. Return your hand to starting position and repeat with other arm.

  5. Plank Alternating hand to knee slap

  6. Plank Alternating Leg Swings

  7. Single Legged Plank Right

  8. Single Legged Plank Left

Tuesday and Thursday

Perform sets of 5 each and repeat as many times as possible in 30 minutes

  1. Ass to the grass squat

  2. POW Squat

  3. One legged cross leg squat right

  4. One leg cross leg squat left

  5. Burpee

  6. Burpee to squat

  7. Push up to burpee

  8. Ass to the grass squat