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Whatever diet you choose, it’s important that you stick with it.

Whatever diet you choose, it’s important that you stick with it.

Throw out any of those "diet" terms and you'll likely find yourself in the throws of a debate akin to a religious debate. 

If one is right does that mean all the rest are wrong? Is there one diet that is right for everyone? Why is it that people will flock to a particular model and hold to it with absolute rigidity?

I suppose to answer this we should consider that diets are much like religions. Each diet has their own ritual-whether measuring out foods, types of foods that are allowable, times of day one can eat and preparation of foods. Beyond this they create a sense of belonging, set standards of good and evil, and even promise deliverance from one form of evil or another.

I am not here to say whether this is good or bad. I believe that there are pros and cons to all sides of an equation.  What I am proposing is that holding to these beliefs or dietary dogma may be holding you back from obtaining your goals. Additionally, holding fast may be a detriment to deeper fulfillment in your life.

Perhaps there is a better way. Perhaps, we can look to see the benefit in all of the diets, keep what works for us and look with understanding to what works for others.  Truly, a diet that works is one that helps you live healthier and happier for a longer period of time. Typically, this can be found by focusing on intelligent choices like whole unprocessed foods in moderate quantities spread throughout the course of a day.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. There is more information out there then any one person could ever digest. (ha).

To out all of this together try the following exercise. Take a 24-48 hour period and follow a specific diet, which could be defined as no diet.

Keep a journal and notate the following:

1. How does your body feel? Any aches or pains?

2. How is your energy level?

3. How well did you sleep?

4. How was the experience of waking up?

5. Was your brain clear?

6. How was your patience level?

As you track these simple 6 items you will begin to paint a picture of what works for you.  For some, something as simple as tomatoes may be the difference maker. For one they will cause grogginess and possibly pain, for others they may increase a feeling of overall well-being. 

You may want to share this journal with your doctor to understand if an underlying allergy may exist or to ensure that you are getting all of the vitamins your body needs.

The take away here is that there is no one right answer. Yes I could lose 100 pounds following a specific diet but that may not work for everyone else, and it may not be healthy for them. It is only when we listen to our bodies and find what works for us that we will truly know.  And knowing this, it may be easier to be more understanding of others and their dietary choices.

Now, go-eat and be happy.

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