Sometimes we need to mix things up to keep it interesting.  One of the more brutal ways to do that is an EMOM workout. You're only break between sets will come if you're able to finish the set within the one minute time frame.

Now, go grab your watch.

10-minute EMOM*

  • 15 push-ups

  • 15 air-squats

  • 15 crunches

  • 15 v-ups

    • time after exercise before the next minute is your rest

    • repeat 9 more times

10-minute alternating EMOM

  • 1st minute: Plank 

  • 2nd minute: 50 squat-jumps

*EMOM means: every minute on the minute do the specified reps, then rest for the remainder of the minute. If you can’t finish a particular exercise in the time frame given, that’s ok, just move on when the minute hits.  Just do your best.

Go ahead and post your thoughts below. How was this workout for you?