Get out and go

Working out outside combines two health-enhancing activities: moving and getting outdoors. Crazy right?

Get out there and get some sun.

Get out there and get some sun.

If you’re looking to feel better mentally and enhance your workouts, this is pretty much all you need to do.

Here are 3 benefits you’ll get immediately when you workout outside:

  • Better mood and higher resiliency- Cleaner oxygen, natural light, increased Vitamin D production all show to lead to a better mood likely from increased dopamine production.

  • Higher Self Esteem-Again likely associated with dopamine production, you can further enhance the effect by working out near greenery. Or if you’re me put a mirror up in front of you and admire nature at its greatest. (joke)

  • Connect with the earth-The ground beneath your feet releases energy waves that your body uses to heal itself in fantastic ways.  Try finishing your workout in bare-feet on the grass. Newer studies are showing that this grounding effect can be further enhanced if the ground is wet. It may sound hokey but give it a shot and let us know if you notice any difference

The Ladder

Complete one push-up

Walk forward approximately five steps

Do two push-ups

Walk back to your original spot and do three push-ups

Repeat until you get to 15.

Push it farther by working your way back down

Or even farther by sprinting 50 yards between sets