The metabolic workout

Exercise has an enormous effect on metabolism. Over time your body will adapt to changes caused by exercise and this is fundamental to be able to provide the energy required for everything from muscle contraction to basic functions of your vital tissues, (like your heart).

boost your metabolism all day long

boost your metabolism all day long

Depending on the intensity and duration of exercise, different systems are used to create that energy. Specifically we can distinguish between two types of activity, endurance and strength.

Besides the immediate changes brought about by a single exercise session, regular exercise may help your body adapt long term. What does that mean? If you stick to an exercise plan, over time you'll note improved exercise capacity-you can workout longer, and you'll affect energy metabolism-your body will get better at making and using energy.

More often we're hearing of diabetes and the like.  Beyond the above, exercise may improve muscle insulin sensitivity and is considered a key tool in the prevention and treatment of diseases like this. Interested in taking your fitness to the next level? Join our Humble Fitness group!

Today’s workout is fantastic for boosting your metabolism and conditioning. 

Take it slow and rock it out! 

The best I’ve ever seen this completed is 11:31. That said, as always, just give it your best. If you can’t complete something, that’s ok. Just move on to the next or take a break and breathe.

  1. Fast Mountain Climbers – 50 reps each leg

  2. Jump Squats – 50 reps

  3. Pushups – 50 reps

  4. Wide leg squats – 50 reps

  5. Slow Mountain Climbers – 25 reps each leg

  6. Hands above your head squats – 50 reps

  7. Lunges – 25 reps each leg

  8. Burpees – 50 reps

  9. Crunches – 50 reps