Mind body and soul workout

You are the culmination of many parts. Body-Mind-Soul. This week we'll be hitting it all. Tuesday may seem like a joke but it will push your brain to form new neural pathways, (the last action will help build resiliency). Take a look, enjoy. If you like what you're seeing help spread the world


Perform each exercise as a circuit for 10 sec on/10 sec off 20 sec on/20 sec off up to 60


Plank to knee tap

Mountain Climber Twist

Plank Jacks (in plan position kick feet up and apart then up and together)

High vertical jump to squat

Long Jump to sprint back

Wide mountain climbers


Brush your teeth with the opposite hand standing on one leg

Sit and breathe quietly for 5 minutes

Read out loud

Say hello to one person you don't know

Go buy a coffee and ask for a 10% discount


Burpee 100

Burpee to box hop 100

1 leg burpee (50 each leg)

Burpee to pull up 100


Tabata-45 seconds

Squat Jump

Box Jump

Donkey kick

Jumping Lunges