The Mindful Moment

Are you stressed and overwhelmed? Does your mind race with a million things to do, but you can’t seem to focus? Do you feel like life is passing you by? Meditation can help. I’m sure you’ve heard people extol the virtues of meditation. You may be skeptical of the claims that it helps with all aspects of life. But, the truth is, it does. Sitting every day, for at least 15-30 minutes, makes a huge difference in how you approach life, how personally you take things and how you interact with others. It enhances compassion, allows you to see things more clearly (including yourself) and creates a sense of calm and centeredness that is indescribable. There really is no substitute.

Meditation is simply becoming aware of the moment.

Meditation is simply becoming aware of the moment.

I've chosen the below meditation because of its simplicity. This is based on Vishen Lakhiani's 6 phase meditation.

You can follow the guide below or this is available as a free app called Ohmvana or on YouTube.  Give this a try with an open mind and comment below.

Phase 1: Love and Compassion

In Lakhiani’s words, compassion is, “Expressing the intention of moving from judgement to caring, from isolation to connection, from indifference or dislike to understanding… this phase is about feeling connected to other people and having a sense of compassion towards them.” As you are guided through this phase, you are taken from your sense of compassion for yourself, to the space you are in, and then out through your neighborhood, the town you live in, the region in which you reside, your home country, and then to our place globally on the earth. Most of us have a considerable disconnection to people in our own families, let alone what is happening to people in other countries. This phase plugs us back into not only ourselves and our immediate lives but also our place in the world.

Phase 2: Gratitude

This second phase is bigger than any of us will ever understand. Science shows that gratitude can give us more energy, create higher emotional intelligence, provide a more forgiving attitude, lessen depression and anxiousness, provide a sense of social connection, improve sleep, and ward off headaches, to name just a few benefits. In this phase, you focus on three things you feel grateful for in your personal life, three things in your business life, and three things you are grateful for in yourself. Most of us spend our time worrying and brooding over the future and rarely take inventory of what is going well right this minute. The gratitude phase puts a light on those things we currently have going which we are grateful for.

Phase 3: Forgiveness

Reflect that forgiveness, at a minimum, is the decision to let go of the desire for revenge or ill-will toward the person who wronged you. It can also include feelings of good will toward the other person. This phase, for me, is always a struggle, which I know means it carries the biggest potential for change. The grudges and judgements we have about others carry significant energetic charges that can radically alter our mood, health, and feelings about our fellow man.

Phase 4: Future Dreaming

This is the first phase where you don’t look at yourself now, but instead begin to write the blueprint for the future. You'll look at where you see your life three years from now. How will your life look? Your love life? Your health and your body? Your career or business? Are you happy and content with where you are this minute or can you visualize a life that will make you happy, one that shows you thriving in any and every facet of your existence? Future dreaming creates the space to let your wants and needs take shape. Instead of brooding over how the success is going to take place, you spend time looking at the fruits of those successes and the happiness around those situations. This phase is about momentum.

Phase 5: Perfect Day

The fifth phase entails forming a picture of what you would consider to be the perfect day, today. With your Future Dreaming in mind, how can today support your vision of three years from now? Create the movie of today in your mind and watch it from beginning to end. This is about seeing your morning, your interactions with colleagues and loved ones, the successful meeting you will have this afternoon, and the wonderful meal you will share with your family when you return home. This phase sets up the day that is about to unfold. You can go into your day and allow the little things to steal your thunder, or you can actually plan how you are going to be happy all day. It’s all a choice when we strip away the nonsense.

Phase 6: The Blessing

Whether you believe in a higher power or not, this phase is geared toward connecting to natural energy and asking for support for the first five phases. You’ve done your due diligence by sending the world love and compassion. You’ve examined your life and given gratitude where it belongs. You’ve forgiven someone in your life to put the weight of a grudge down. You’ve taken the time to plan out not only the future but also a perfect today. It is now time to reach out and supply yourself with endless energy to support the earlier work. This is also where the meditation concludes.