Old school workout

In case you can't tell I love old school workouts. Putting your body and mind to the test. Seeing what you're really made of. Are you enough to make it happen? To own it? To put in the work?

Let's find out.


3x15 of each in a circut

  • Low bar skull crusher-narrow grip push-up position on a bar, bend at the elbow until your head touches your hand

  • Close grip chin up

  • One leg squat

  • Windshield wipers-lay on the floor-raise your feet up and move to the left hinging from the hip.

  • Neck bridge

  • Single leg bridge


3 of each in a circuit

  • Handstand push-up

  • Plank 60 seconds

  • Hip bridge 90 seconds

  • L-sit 30 seconds

  • Squat hold 60 seconds

  • Wall sit 90 seconds


25x3 perform in a circuit

  • Burpee

  • Jackknife sit-up

  • Push-up to mountain climber

  • Oblique crunch

  • Hanging leg raise

  • Reverse crunch

  • Scissor Kick


30 each

  • Pull-ups

  • Narrow grip pull ups

  • Wide grip pull ups

  • Switch grip pull ups

  • Push-ups

  • Fingertip push up

  • Knuckle push up

  • One arm push up


40 each

  • Squats/ass to the grass

  • One leg squats-right

  • One leg squats-left

  • Hill and Valley Burpees-20, 1,19,2,18,3,etc.