Pure Crossfit workouts

I’d like to share some of my favorite CrossFit workouts. What follows is just pure and simple Cross Fit brutality at it's best. These are set up for you to hit one per day each day next week. Get up, get out and crush it. Let me know how you did.


Monday Murph

1 mile run

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 squats

1 mile run

Murph is a Hero workout that honours Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who died in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005.

Tuesday Chelsea

EMOM for 30 minutes

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats

Wednesday JT

For Time (fast as possible)


Handstand push ups

Dips (rings if you have them)

Push ups

JT is another Hero WOD which honours Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor

Thursday Garrett

Three Rounds

75 Squats

25 handstand push ups

25 L-Pull Ups

Garrett is a Hero WOD which honours Marine Capt. Garrett T. “Tubes” Lawton

Friday TABATA Something Else

20 seconds on/Ten Seconds off 8 rounds each exercise

Tabata pull ups

Tabata push ups

Tabata sit ups

Tabata squats