Speed work

Today’s set will work your whole body and we’re going to focus on high reps. In this way you're able to get the most bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time possible. 

push push push

push push push

  • Squats: 6x25

  • Push-Ups: 6x10

  • Alternating Lunges: 6x20

  • Planks: 6x30 seconds

    • Go as deep as possible on the Squats and pause briefly at the bottom of the hold before returning to starting position.

To finish this workout up you're going to perform 100 of each exercise. Wait...What? 100? Yes 100 of each. Consider this a kind of fitness test. If you can't do it all at once, that's ok. Try doing 10 sets of 10, or 4 sets of 25. However you need to break it up to get it done. 

•100 Push-Ups•100 Crunches•100 Squats

And keep this workout. Try it again later to see how far you've come.