Spring in

Good day to you all. Here we are, April 7 and a full 3 months of the year, 25% of 2019 is behind us. 

Spring, let it be the begining of something great.

Spring, let it be the begining of something great.

For me, Easter is the real beginning of Spring and Spring is the real beginning of the year. On the threshold of spring, we begin to notice a quiet awakening within and without. 

Example, I take our puppy out first thing in the morning.  Only 30 days ago, when we stepped out into the cold dark all was quiet save for the breeze that was coming through the vacant trees around us.  Now, as we step outside the sky is no longer dark and the air is beginning to awaken to the sound of birds.

The intents that we set during the dark hush of winter, may have lain hibernating these past months, but now we see the first fruits of life springing forth we realize that the dawn of something new is upon us.

Spring is the season of anticipation and regeneration when, reinvigorated by the increase of light and warmth, we too find the vigor to take action that can push the uncertain new beginning into authentic action. As optimistic and positive as spring is, she is still uncertain. There may be days when winter settles her snow over the land and we’re pulled back into the silent, subversive world. Yet, in the end, spring is an opportunity to start fresh and begin to grow.

If winter was a season of grief, allow the rains of spring to wash away the pain. If winter was a season of illness, let the winds of spring restore you. If winter was a season of loss, pause and consider the birth and new life which surrounds you.

If you CHOOSE, this season brings with it new opportunities for you to CHOOSE your life's path and dominate with strength, valor, principle and love. I want to help you choose your own path and dominate.

Fitness takes on a whole new meaning, when viewed in an authentic manner. Authentic fitness connects your mind to individual parts of your body through conscious movement patterns that energize you, repair and strengthen your body, and help you take control of your life. It recharges your ‘inner battery’ through conscious communication between your mind, body, and spirit, and promotes mastery of your inner self.

When you understand fitness in this context - total integration of mind, body, and spirit - it takes on a whole new meaning. Fitness becomes a way-of-life instead of something you have to do.

The idea behind these fitness posts is to offer you an environment to explore what you’re capable of. Maybe that’s getting into the best shape of your life or maybe that’s reconnecting with your family in a meaningful way. 

I know most of you on this distro have worked out with me when I owned Beyond Strength. As such, you know for a fact this won’t be your cookie cutter lifting session. This won’t be as easy as Cross Fit.

You will want to stop, you’ll beg for reprieve. But in the end, you’ll emerge victorious. Stronger and tested. Having made it through the gauntlet, you’ll be better prepared to face the day and face yourself.

For those of you that don’t know what Beyond Strength was, it was my Warehouse Gym. Located in the city of Rochester, we trained semi pro ballers, college athletes, UFC fighters and regular people who were tired of being regular.  At the end of the day, we got results and we got them fast.