Welcome to hell workout

Admit it. You've watched prison movies and have been jealous over the way these men come out of it. Jacked, rough, and fucking tested.

Welcome to hell gents:


Pull-ups Start at 1, work up to 10, work back down to 1 (that's 100)

Deck of hell push-ups-face cards=10, Ace 15, number cards=the number


Deck of hell Squats-Set 15 cards across the floor, squat to pick up the first card, squat to place the card onto the second card, squat to pick up both cards etc. (one squat for each card) when you reach the end, work your way back

Walking lunges-20, 19, 18 etc


5 rounds-as many burpees as possible in 3 minutes


Repeat Monday


Repeat Tuesday