Whistle while you work

Today’s study is freaking amazing to me. 

Use the power of music to power you

Use the power of music to power you

Music is good for you.

Beyond the FACT that musicians are smarter than everyone else, music has many health benefits.

musicians are smarter than the average bear

musicians are smarter than the average bear

Odd fact, the prefrontal cortex is the last place affected by deteriorating diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This is also one of the main areas impacted by music. Thus many people affected by the disease will still be able to recall songs from their childhood long after most other memories are gone.

Want to be happier, sleep better and reduce depression? Pop on your favorite tunes for about 15 minutes. When listening to music your brain releases dopamine, the happiness chemical. 30% of Americans suffer from insomnia. Studies have found that listening to relaxing music significantly improves sleep. In the same studies classical music was found to reduce the effects of depression.

Finally, want to lose weight? Dim the lights and play some music. This combination was found to lead people to eat less and have higher sense of enjoyment out of their meal.

No surprise, today’s workout is going to involve music.

Da da da.

Que up your favorite tune and start squatting.

At the chorus, hold the bottom of the squat until it finishes. When the verse starts again, continue with your squats.

God help you if your favorite song is the original version of indagada vida (~40 minutes).