How to make a bacon candle

MMMM Bacon.

Yes, Bacon

Yes, Bacon

I freaking love bacon. It’s about as ‘merica as one can get. I mean it’s bacon.


Seriously. The smell alone conjures feelings of love and home.

Ahh, insert longing far off gaze here.

Yup, still bacon

Yup, still bacon

Ever wondered what to do with the left-over fat? Yes. Yes I am sure you have often sat pondering life over the skillet. Well, sow about making a candle? (that happened)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 Lb. Bacon

  • Mason or canning jar

  • Candle Wick


how to make bacon

And that's it folks.  Imagine, your how happy your partner will be when they wake up to the smell of bacon....and there is none.  But, after they leave you, you'll have a wonderful candle!

Nothing to see here, just Bacon

Nothing to see here, just Bacon