How to make coasters

Ever wonder what to do with your left over six packs?

While I still believe that every man should know how to brew a solid beer, (learn here) If you’re still investing in store bought brew, why not upcycle those old boxes you have lying around.

Think about it, you'll be helping the environment and making your significant other happy. Win-Win, you tree hugging hippy you. 

Upcycle your old beer boxes

Upcycle your old beer boxes

What you’ll need

  • Empty beer box

  • Ceramic Tiles

  • Felt

  • Glue ( I used modge podge)

  • Lacquer

How to

  1. Place the tiles on the beer box to create an outline

  2. Cut the box to size

  3. Place the tile on the felt to create an outline

  4. Cut the felt to size

  5. Apply the glue to the top of the tile and the box you just cut

  6. Place the two together

  7. Apply glue to the bottom of the tile and the cut felt

  8. Place the two together

  9. Weight down the almost finished product and leave overnight to dry

  10. In the morning, spray the coaster with the lacquer generously

  11. Wait 1-2 hours and repeat until desired sheen is reached

Make your own beer coasters

Make your own beer coasters

That’s it. Quick, easy and impressive. Now your significant other won’t be as fast to complain when you don’t take the beer box to the recycle bin. Instead of throwing it out, up cycle that bad boy.