How to brew perfect coffee

The Humble Gents carries a phenomenal line of coffees. But great beans are only part of the equation to a great cup of coffee. So I figured this would be a perfect time to write an article on how to make a solid cup of coffee at home. 

Coffee is not impossible to get right, just follow these steps

Coffee is not impossible to get right, just follow these steps

A solid cup of coffee to start the day can make all the difference in the world. It might be a tad easier to drive to your local coffee shop and have them make your cup, but there is something meaningful about making the perfect cup at home. Follow these rules and you'll be well on your way to kicking butt and taking names all day, every day.

It really is easier than you might think. A lot of it comes down to the little things, like proper storage and clean filters. It doesn't matter whether your coffee is the most expensive blend or a simple supermarket bean, you can have an amazing cup every time.

There are three easy ways to make coffee at home. You've got your electric coffee pot-including the single serve, french press and pour over.

General Rule of Thumb:

The general recommendation is about 5 grams(that's 2.75 tablespoons) of coffee per 8-ounce cup.

pour over

Probably the best method for getting the most complexity and aroma out of your beans is the pour-over method.

  1. Bring filtered water to a boil.

  2. While you're waiting grind the beans to a about the consistency of table salt. (don't go too far with the grind or you'll risk burning the beans)

  3. Set up your filter and rinse the filter. This is important to ensure you remove any residue that might be on the paper.

  4. Add two tablespoons of ground coffee to the filter.

  5. Assuming the water has reached boil now, remove it from the heat and let it sit for about 2 minutes to cool slightly.

  6. Slowly pour just enough water over the grounds to cover them completely. (This process is called the "bloom" pour, which allows the coffee to set up and de-gas)

  7. Slowly pour in the remaining water, keeping the water in the dripper between half and three-quarters full.

  8. Carefully remove the filter, then serve and enjoy.

french press

Moving on we come to the french press. Overall the process is very similar, albeit simpler, than the pour over method.

  1. Start the water boil.

  2. While you are waiting begin to grind the beans. For this method you'll want the grind to be a tad larger.

  3. Add the grounds to the French press.

  4. Once the water has reached boil remove it from the heat and let it sit for a minute to cool.

  5. Pour the water into the press and stir it.

  6. Now let it sit for about 5 minutes before slowly plunging the press.


Now for real life, the machine.

  1. Begin by grinding your beans to the same consistency you would use for the press.

  2. Pour the grounds into your filter and place it into the machine.

  3. Add the appropriate amount of filtered water.

  4. Once the brew is complete turn off the heating element or remove the carafe from the machine.

Tips and tricks

Tip 1-Shoot for Single Farm Organic coffee

Tip 2: Store your coffee in an airtight container

Tip 3: Splurge a tad on your coffee and make sure it's good

Tip 4. Use filtered water

Tip 5. Choose your filters carefully-go for natural filters or a gold plated one

Tip 6. Use the right amount of grounds for your brew

Tip 7. Schedule regular cleaning of your equipment

And that's it folks. Getting a barista style cup of coffee is really easier than you think. Good clean water, solid grounds and time will yield a cup you will enjoy. And that can be the difference maker for a great day.


If you're so incline, check out our blends, I'd appreciate it and so will you!