How to make a tie rack

I don't know about you but I have way too many ties. The challenge, beyond figuring out which one looks good with my shirt, is what to do with them all when I'm not using them. Sure you could use one of those plastic hanger things or pay upwards of $100 for a tie rack with a light on it, but I propose nothing says manly more than a tie rack you make yourself.

Build your own tie rack in just a few minutes

Build your own tie rack in just a few minutes

This project shouldn't take long at all and uses minimal materials. 

Your finished product will look like this

Your finished product will look like this

Wood : 3' of 1X12

Nails: Mortar Nails-These will give it a rustic look


Wood Stain

Clear Sealer

Two Saw Tooth Hangers

Alright, so you've got everything together? 

Good. Your first step is to take the wood and age it up a bit.  Take your hammer and just wack at it as much as you like. The dents you're creating now will come out darker once you add the stain and that, my friend, will give it an antique look.

wood plank

Now, you're going to apply the stain.  You can use a brush or a sponge. The color of the stain is up to you. I personally like a dark cherry look but there is no right answer for this.

Repeat this process once the first coat is dry.

Once you have two coats apply the clear sealer.

Now you are going to hammer the mortar nails in. The pattern here is your choice. Personally I like a zig-zag pattern so that I can see all of my ties. 

Got your pattern done? Sweet. Now flip the board over and nail in the saw tooth hangers on either end of the board.  

Hang it up and hang your ties my man. You're done.  Now you have a bad ass place to hang your ties and show off your craftsman skills.  Well done.