How to knock someone out

 While I certainly do not advocate physical violence, there are times when it is necessary to defend yourself or your family. When the last resort presents itself, you'll want to be ready to go. And ready to end the fight as quickly as possible.

And so, I present to you...How to knock someone out.

You should know how to protect yourself and your family if the need arises

You should know how to protect yourself and your family if the need arises

If you've ever watched a boxing match, you'll have noticed that the fighters protect their faces in a very particular manner. This is because there are points on the head which are more susceptible to a knock out than others.  That key point is just under the ear centered toward the spine-basically the jaw line. 

Always protect your face

Always protect your face

A word of caution and technical stuff.

You're ability to knock out your opponent is due to the physical limitations of the spine and skull to protect the brain in the event of whiplash. You are going to hit the person in such a way as to cause them to experience a cerebral concussion where the brain smashes into the side of the skull.  If you knock out your assailant, you will, not may, cause brain damage. The knockout is not caused by your ability to punch, it is caused by damage to the brain stem due to the head twisting violently. This in turn, causes a disrupt in the body's neurological system where everything shuts down immediately. 

Placement of the punch should be here, as marked

Placement of the punch should be here, as marked

While anyone can knock someone out-I can say this because it is simply the mechanics of throwing the punch properly, to the proper place and with proper force-You should remember the inputs to the formula may change slightly depending on the person.  For example a trained fighter may be able to withstand more force than a non trained person.

Formula for a knockout (Placement of punch+Force of punch)>(Assailants Resistance Ability)=Lights Out

Alright, let's get to it.  You're in a dark alley walking back from the opera with your beautiful wife by your side.  Out of nowhere a thug hops out and threatens you. He doesn't have a weapon other than his hands and you need to fight.  Or more realistically, you're at the bar playing pool. Some jock walks up looking for trouble and threatens you and your lady. You attempt to defuse the situation but he won't back down.  You have no choice but to fight. What do you do? End the fight as fast as possible. 


Step 1-Get your stance right. Stand with your left leg slightly forward so that your body is not straight on with his. Get up on your toes slightly so there is some bounce to your step.

Step 2-Get your arms in position. Clench your fists tight and pull your elbows into your side.

Step 3-Throw your punch. Twisting from the hips toward the assailant, throw your punch on mark with the jaw line just below the ear and toward the mouth. 

  • Note-Take a breath in and tense your body before you punch, this will relax you and also afford more force to the punch. Remember you're looking for speed, force and accuracy. You need to be on your game and direct. 

Step 4-Use your hips and shoulders to drive the punch. Twist toward the assailant from your hips. Once you make contact continue driving forward. Do not pull back immediately.  

And, well that's it.  The other individual should be lights out.

Remember-This should only be used as a last resort.